Amakusa - Western Area

Public Hot Spring Resort: 700-year-old Shimoda Onsen

Picturesque Area with Unique Christian Traditions

The setting sun from the western coast of Amakusa is one of the glorious scenic views of Japan. This is an area with a rich natural heritage (Shimoda Onsen is Amakusa's oldest hot spring), and a unique cultural tradition of Catholic faith ? all found within a sea-blue setting of myriad hues.

Model Course
Tomioka Castle
Breast Rock
Fossil-collecting activities
Promenade of the Poets
Ushibuka Haiya Bridge

Round-Tour Bus: Gurutto

Ushibuka Course (App. 4 hrs)
Availability: Sat, Sun, and holidays only
Fee: ¥500 (Excluding optional plans and meals)
Reservations: Until 15:00 two days prior
Tel: 0120-945-351 (Kanko Hanbai Systems)

Loop Bus: Gurutto

Boat Tours

*Nishi-kaigan Cruises  *Ushibuka Cruises
*Ushibuka Kaijo Cruises
Tel: 0969-22-2243
(Amakusa Treasure Island Tourism Association)

Boat Tuors

Let us guide you!

Reihoku Tourist Fureai Guide

A variety of guided tours are offered which introduce the history of the Amakusa-Shimabara Rebellion and the role of Tomioka Castle, as well as episodes involving Katsu Kaishu when he came to Reihoku.

660 Shiki, Reihoku-machi, Amakusa-gun
Tel: 0969-35-1111
Fee: ¥500 /groups of up to 5
(additional ¥100 for each extra person)
*Reservations required 5 days in advance for general visitors, 2 weeks in advance for school trips.

Sakitsu Tourism Volunteer Guides
(Sakitsu area)

Tel: 090-5479-1081 (Morita)

Ushibuka Tourism Volunteer GUides
(Ushibuka: all areas)

Getting to know the westernmost town in Amakusa? home of the famous Haiya folk melody. Visit scenic sites and the fishermen's village.

Ushibuka-machi, Amakusa City
Tel: 090-4585-0693 (Yoshikawa)
Regular Course: \1000/ hr
(groups up to 10)
(Additional ¥100 for each extra person)