Amakusa Porcelain:Generations of Enchantment

Amakusa Porcelain: the Highest of Quality

The western coast of Amakusa is Japan's top producer of kaolin in both quality and volume. Amakusa produces 80% of the nation's output (20,000 tonnes per year) and ships not only to the famous porcelain producers of Kyushu, but also to the Kansai and Chukyo regions. Hiraga Gennai, the famous pharmacologist, physician, author, painter, ceramicist, and inventor of the Edo Period, praised it as being of "matchless quality in the world".

Traditional, Beautiful, Amakusa Porcelain - Generations of Art and Skill

Items made from the high-quality kaolin of Amakusa are renowned for their strength and beautiful translucency when fired. Amakusa porcelain is a nationally recognized traditional craft, and many artisans have located their kilns throughout the area.

Amakusa Grand Pottery Fair

Both local and outside artisans come together here to display and sell their wares. During the fair you can try your own hand at throwing a pot or two on a wheel. There is also a ceramics exhibition of the works of selected applicants.

Amakusa West Coast Spring Pottery Market,
Amakusa West Coast Pottery Fair

Pottery fairs are held in Reihoku-machi and Amakusa-machi along the west coast of Amakusa. Visit the shops with their displays of the newest pottery works and demonstrations of glazing techniques. Have fun at the fairs while enjoying the fantastic views along the west coast of Amakusa.

  1. 1Takahama Pottery Juho Kiln

    Tel: 0969-42-1115
    Famous for it thin, white, translucent products.

  2. 2Maruo Pottery

    Though the Maruo Kiln was established in 1845, the seemingly modern designs of its products are suited for today's lifestyles and has won many fans.

  3. 3Uchida Sarayama Pottery

    The style is rough and simple yet elegant - resembling the ceramics of previous eras found in this area. The products complement a diversity of tastes and lifestyles.

  4. 4Mizunodaira Pottery

    The fifth generation Genshiro invented the famous aka-namako-Yuu 'Red sea-cucumber glaze' which is still the signature of the Mizunodaira kiln.


[List of Potters and Kilns]

  • Jonan Kiln

    Tel: 0969-22-3513

  • Hamanjara Kiln

    Tel: 0969-23-3915

  • Kobo 'Kiki'

    Tel: 0969-24-2833

  • Rakuten Kiln

    Tel: 0969-23-6887

  • Junto Kiln

    Tel: 0969-23-8122

  • Yamano-kuchi Pottery

    Tel: 0969-24-2072

  • Asaniji Kiln

    Tel: 0969-24-4946

  • Suke Kobo

    Tel: 090-7389-7811

  • Reinan Kiln

    Tel: 0969-22-3393

  • Reizan Pottery

    Tel: 0969-22-5339

  • Amayo Kiln

    Tel: 0969-23-0141

  • Potter Yuko Okada

    Tel: 0969-23-3815

  • Gyoryu-monki

    Tel: 090-9588-5155

  • Oni-ike Pottery Hikari Kiln

    Tel: 0969-32-1371

  • Rei-kobo

    Tel: 0969-23-9389

  • Utsugi Kiln

    Tel: 0969-72-6482

  • Ichiyama Kujiraya

    Tel: 0969-34-1156

  • Unnshu Kiln

    Tel: 0969-35-0945

  • Amakusa Karatsu Gosanki Kiln

    Tel: 0969-36-0868

  • Kameyama Sanae

    Tel: 0969-36-0868

  • Kobo Kaze

    Tel: 0969-35-2041

  • Mugen Kiln

    Tel: 0969-35-0940

  • Tenjiku Kiln

    Tel: 0969-36-0860

Amakusa Pottery Hands-On Programs

Try the Wheel
Try at:
9 11 24 33
Try the Wheel

Trickier than it looks? See if you can handle a spin with the wheel!

  • Fee:¥1000~
    (*Shipping fees not included)
Decorate it
Try at:
1 2 3 11 12 28 33
Decorate it

Set your own design on unglazed pottery. You'll hardly be able to wait to receive your pottery after it's been fired and sent directly to you.

  • Fee:¥600~
    (*Shipping fees not included)
Try a Hand-Built Pot
Try at:
2 3 4 6 9 10 11 12 16 24 28 33
Try a Hand-Built Pot

Make your own unique cup, mug, or plate: the only one in the world!

  • Fee:¥1500~
    (*Shipping fees not included)
Make Your Own Azelejo
Try at:
1 6 11
Make Your Own Azelejo

Azulejo is a decorated tile often used in Portuguese-style buildings. What special designs will make the tiles your own?

  • Fee:¥1000~