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'Amakusa Renaissance / Amakusa Products Quality Approval Committee' is engaged in the recognition and development of high quality Amakusa brands made from local ingredients and raw materials. After careful examination, approved products are given the Amakusa Quality Product seal and receive public relations and marketing support from Kumamoto Prefecture, Amakusa City, local Chambers of Commerce, and the Commerce and Industry Association. Nineteen products have been approved as of Dec. 2010.

Inquiries regarding products:

Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
1-25 Hondo, Sakae-machi,
Amakusa City, 863-0022,
Tel: 0969-23-2001,
Fax: 0969-24-3340
[HP] E-mail:

Amakusa White Porcelain Accessories

Accessory Koike Tel: 0969-22-3865

White Amakusa porcelain with silver makes an unparalleled accessory.

Porcelain Stereo Speaker Anguri

Porcelain Stereo Speaker Anguri

Accessory Koike Tel: 0969-22-3865

Speakers made with Amakusa porcelain and Sumoto Stone create a healing sound space. One of a kind!

"100 Scenes of Amakusa" Guidebook

Kobayashi Takehiro Tel: 0969-22-5498

Full of the charm of Amakusa with its history, culture, living, and festivals, this guidebook selected 373 photos out of 100,000 seasonal scenes of local life.

Take an Amakusa Style Break

New Flavors Created in Amakusa

With simple ingredients common in Amakusa 'Take an Amakusa Style Break'. Bring back a memory of traditional Amakusa or experience it for the first time. Enjoy the new yet authentic flavors of Amakusa local cuisine.

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For inquiriestelephone 0969-33-2525, FAX 0969-33-1305, or visit

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