Amakusa - Northern Area

Sunset at Matsushima: One Hundred Sunset Views of Japan

The observation point on top of Mt. Takabuto offers a magnificent view over Unzen and Matsushima. Sunsets are of such renown, the site is included in the "100 Sunset Views of Japan".

The beautiful islands and five bridges of Amakusa welcome you!

Northern Amakusa – The Gateway to Kyushu.
The Historical Journey Begins Here - Follow the course of Amakusa Shiro and Local Christian Culture

Model Course

Dining & Shopping

Kami-Amakusa Products Hall: Sun Pearl

Dining & Shopping

Road Station Ripple Land

Let us guide you!

Kami-Amakusa Guide Association

Discover details of the land, history, and culture that only local guides can show you! The Cultures of Kami-Amakusa including the Amakusa Shiro Course.

1514 Ue, Oyano-machi, Kami-Amakusa
Tel: 0964-56-5602
(Amakusa Shiro Tourisum Association)
Charge:1hour/¥1000 (Max ¥5000/day)
- Reservations required one week in advance