Have Fun in the Seas of Amakusa
Amakusa Saikai Seashore with its beautiful clear water is a designated Marine Park offering a selection of fine diving spots. How about an undersea excursion and encounters with colorful coral reefs and vivid tropical fish?

Let's go to the Seas of Amakusa!!

Leisure Islands Amakusa

Located within the Ariake, Yatsushiro (or Shiranuhi), and East China seas, the islands of Amakusa offer a wonderful diversity of marine-related activities.
In addition to the ever-popular dolphin-watching, visitors can enjoy sea-bathing, kayaking, cruises, fishing, and scuba diving in a beautiful natural environment.
Take an underwater-walk or a ride in a glass-bottom boat in the Ushibuka Marine Park. In winter the sea is crystal clear and colorful corals and tropical fish can be seen easily. Come to the Seas of Amakusa for an especially memorable time.

Mogushi BeachH-1

With its extensive white sands and crystal-clear emerald-green sea, Mogushi Beach is one of the most beautiful natural beaches in Kyushu, and a must-see for sun lovers. Drama fans will be interested to note that the beach was the location of the climactic duel in the NHK series "Musashi,"And for nature buffs, May and June are the months when sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

Glass-bottom BoatH-2

Tsukinoshima Island and Hogashima Island were designated as among Japan's first Underwater (Marine) Parks in 1970. A variety of corals, including alcyonarian and anthozoan, present a gorgeous flower-garden view under the sea. Glass-bottom boats depart from Ushibuka Port.

cruise app. 80 min
5 departures/day
  1. 8:40
  2. 10:10
  3. 11:40
  4. 13:40
  5. 15:20

Sea KayakingB-4

At low tide you can actually walk to Kamejima Island, but kayaking is the sport for most who visit Itsuwa-machi.
Experience the absorbing pleasures and beauty of the sea in Itsuwa-machi.
Note that reservation must be made 3 days in advance and that as groups only for 4th graders and older.
Children younger than 4th grade can book for a double kayak with an accompanying adult.

For scuba-diving information
call the numbers below:

  • Captain Boat

    (Shikaki-machi, Amakusa City):

  • Diving Shop Tomikawa

    (Ushibuka-machi, Amakusa City):

  • Bowline Scuba

    (Chikami, Kumamoto City):

  • Ushibuka Diving Service

    (Onuki-machi, Amakusa City):


Wakeboarding is easy to get the hang of even for beginners. Imagine the thrill of skimming over the sea as a boat speeds you over the waves at the end of a line! The perfect leisure sport for Amazing Amakusa!