Amakusa - Central Area

Enjoy a 360° view from the Mt. Ryudo observation point

Mt. Ryudo Peak in southern Shinwa-machi, is a designated area of Unzen Amakusa National Park. Commanding a fabulous view, the mountaintop also offers Midorino Mura Camp Site with walking trail, tennis courts, and playground facilities set in the sweet air of Mother Nature.

The Administrative, Commercial, and Transportation Center of Amakusa

This area has been a junction between Kamishima and Shimoshima Islands since time out of mind.
Many sites of European cultural influence can still be found in this rich natural environment, famous home of wild dolphins. A charm-filled destination for visitors!

Model Course
Kappa Phone Strap


Amakusa Toretate Market


The City Flower: Hibiscus hamabo (Rose of Sharon)

Loop Bus: Gurutto

Tour buses visiting major tourist sites are now available!
Three courses with a volunteer guide.

  • "Amakusa Christian Tales": Oe Cathlic Church and Sakitsu Catholic Church (app. 4 hrs)
  • "Treasure Island: Sea Breezes, Dolphins, and the Sun" (app. 5 hrs)

Availability: Everyday
Fees: ¥500
(Excluding lunch and admission charges at each site)
Reservations: Kyushu Sanko Tourism Company
Amakusa Tourism Center - 0969-24-3151
Hondo Bus Center - 0969-22-5234

Loop Bus: Gurutto


Cycling is an excellent way to see the ins and outs of Hondo. Rent and return a bicycle at six lodging facilities within the town.

Amakusa Hondo Tourist Inns and Hotels Association
Tel: 0969-23-5368
Fee: ¥800/day (¥400 up to 5 hours)
Deposit: ¥2000 (Refunded upon bicycle return)


Let us guide you!

Goryo Town guides: Goryo Town Development Promotion Office

Take a walk along ancient paths lined with rustic stone walls. Let us guide you through the beautiful living scenery of this historic town.

2943 Goryo, Itsuwa-machi, Amakusa Cit Tel: 0969-32-1111
Fee:¥500/ person
(up to a group of 15)
Reservations required 5 days in advance

Amakusa Treasure Island Guides Association
(Amakusa: all areas)

Let experts introduce you to the local history, legends, lives, and customs of the islands.

15-7 Chuoshin-machi, Amakua City
(Amakusa Treasure Island
Tourism Association)
Tel: 0969-22-2243
Fee: ¥1000/hour (Max 5 hours/day)
Reservations required a week in advance