The Blessings of
Fresh Food from
Sea and Mountain

Gourmet Events!

Please your palate with a seasonal banquet of local produce.

  • Ushibuka Lobster Fair

    End of August through December

    A luxurious overnight stay night at a local inn accompanied by a gourmet dinner including fresh boiled lobster and lobster sashimi.

    Tel: 0969-73-2111:
    Amakusa Treasure Island Association, Ushibuka

  • Amakusa Hondo Donburi Fair

    October ~December

    Enjoy the popular donburi fair of original recipes served in ceramic dishes provided by local potters. During the fair, all the restaurants in Hondo take part in a Stamp Rally.

    Tel: 0969-23-1111:
    Amakusa Treasure Island Association, Hondo

  • Goshoura Bukkin Fair


    In the Goshoura dialect, "Bukkin" refers to the pufferfish, blowfish, or globefish. Enjoy boiled, fried, and fresh bukkin sashimi!

    Tel: 0969-67-1080:
    Amakusa Treasure Island Association, Goshoura

  • Amakusa ShimodaHot-spring Inn Shrimp Gourmet Plan

    End of August through December

    Twelve or more dishes are served using fresh seafood including lobsters. Room and dinner plan offer a great deal!

    Tel: 0969-42-3239:
    Shimoda Hot-spring Inn Association
    Amakusa Treasure Island Association, Ushibuka

  • Autumn-Winter
    Amakusa Abalone Fair

    September ~December

    The One-Night Stay Campaign offers an excellent sashimi selection including such treats as fresh plump abalone and sea urchin. All inns and tourist homes offer a set dinner of two abalones and sea urchins.

    Tel: 0969-33-0276:
    Amakusa City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Itsuwa-machi

  • Amakusa Ariake Octopus Dishes

    All year round

    A popular menu of Ariake octopus dishes: Try the octopus steak and seven other octopus recipes!

    Tel: 0969-53-1111:
    Amakusa Treasure Island Association, Ariake

Local Products of Amakus

Enjoy the rich blessings of Amakusa nature.

  • Amakusa Champon Noodles

    With its close relations with neighboring Nagasaki (famous for Champon noodles), Amakusa borrowed then developed its own Amakusa Champon noodle dish. National Routes 324 and 389 are known as the Champon Highway boasting the nation's Top 3 Champon Noodles.

    Tel: 0969-22-2243:
    Amakusa Treasure Island Association

  • Sendago Soup with Dumplings

    Sendago is a family-style dish of potato dumplings introduced by missionaries. In recent years, sweet potatoes dumplings have gained popularity among locals.

    Tel: 0969-42-3375
    Shimoda Hot-spring Center

  • Reihoku Lettuce

    Little-known Reihoku-machi is one of the great lettuce producers of the region. Peaking in winter, this crisp refreshing lettuce is popular fresh, and is also delicious when cooked with fish.

    Tel: 0969-35-2174
    Reihoku-machi Ag. Co-op

  • Amakusa Salt

    Salt from the open sea of Amakusa contains high levels of naturally occurring calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This mild salt goes well with any cooking.

    • Tel: 0969-42-5477 Amakusa Salt Association
    • Tel: 0969-33-0610 Natural Foods Kenkyukai
    • Tel:0969-73-4525 Salt Workshop Treasure Island
    • Tel: 0969-33-1834 Salt Farm
    • Tel: 0969-33-1135 Dolphin Salt
    • Tel: 0969-23-7253 Amakusa Way of Salt
    • Tel: 0969-79-0400 Rosario Salt
    • Tel: 0969-64-3500 Kuratake Co.
  • Kuruma-Ebi Prawns

    These are large sweet prawns with a meaty texture. Amakusa Prawns are one of the top-brands in Japan both in quality and marine-farming production.

    Tel: 0969-27-7371
    Amakusa Fishery Co-op

  • Amakusa Black Wagyu Beef

    The production of Black Wagyu beef has a long and active history in Amakusa. Its excellence in flavor, tenderness, and juiciness justifies its fame.

    Tel: 0969-32-6888
    JA Direct Store " Amakusa Toretate Market"

  • Shimon Potatoes

    Shimon potatoes - an excellent source of both fiber and magnesium ? are drawing increased attention as a health-food. Kuratake-machi is a famous producer.

    Tel: 0969-64-2405
    Ebisu Chaya

  • Noble Scallops

    The beautiful Noble Scallop, prized by collectors for its ornamental shell, is wonderful as sashimi, saute-ed in butter, or steamed in sake.

    Tel: 0969-79-0012
    Amakusa Fishery Co-op, Sakitsu

  • Shochu 'Amakusa'

    The only distillery in Amakusa proudly offers a mild shochu - 'Amakusa' - made from carefully selected rice and pure water.

    Tel: 0969-46-2013
    Amakusa shuzo

  • Amakusa Daio Chickens

    After years of effort, the Amakusa Daio chicken ? the largest species in Japan - was successfully revived.
    This heritage species is renowned for its tender meat and fine flavor.

    Tel: 0969-32-6888
    JA Direct Store " Amakusa Toretate Market

  • Koppa-mochi

    Koppa-mochi was traditionally made by Amakusa farm-families as a preserved food or gift.
    Boiled potatoes are dried and processed with pounded rice and malt syrup.

    Tel: 0969-22-2243
    Amakusa Treasure Island Tourism Association

  • Dekopon Oranges

    This sweet and juicy citrus with the cute plump head is popular throughout Japan. Amakusa's mild climate is the original home of this delicious fruit.

    Tel: 0969-32-6888
    JA Direct Store " Amakusa Toretate Market

  • Amakusa Bankan Oranges

    A refreshingly tart flavor mixed with sweetness is the trademark of this orange so suited to the warm, mild climate of Amakusa.
    Some 90% of the prefecture's bankan crop is grown here.

    Tel: 0969-32-6888: JA Direct Store " Amakusa Toretate Market"

  • Amakusa Green Bamboo Shoots

    A hint of sweetness in the delicate flavor is a special character of Amakusa bamboo shoots.
    So mild that they can be eaten without processing gives them the title King of Bamboo.

    Tel: 0969-24-4770: Amakusa Green Bamboo Shoot Producers Coop