Amakusa-Goshoura Geopark

A statue of a Tyrannosaurus at the Goshoura Harbor (next to Shiosai-Kan)

What is a "Geopark"?

The UNESCO-supported World Geopark Network established in 2004 defines a Geopark as "a region that includes one or more sites of importance – not only geologically but also by virtue of its archaeological, ecological or cultural value." A Geopark is a nature park that focuses on the formation and features of the earth itself. Through geo-tourism promoting education and preservation, Geoparks can play a vital role in communities and regions.


Travel back one hundred million years in time.
Feel the dynamic life of the earth
at Amakusa-Goshoura Geopark!

Amakusa-Goshoura became
a member of the Japanese Geopark Network in Oct. 2009

In Japan 14 regions have become members of the Japanese Geopark Network - four of which (as of Dec. 2010) are members of the Global Geopark Network which promotes these unique regions on the international stage. Amakusa-Goshoura became a member of the Japanese Geopark Network in October 2009.
Learn all about the ancient environments and fossils found on the island. Try your hand a fossil hunting at the Fossil Collection Site.
Why don't you take part in a dinosaur island experience with us?

Goshoura map

The Goshoura Cretaceous
Period Museum


Mr.Ugai "A unique feature of Goshoura Geopark is the abundance and diversity of the fossils that are frequently found here; fossils of ammonites and other shell creatures, the bones of herbivorous dinosaurs, and even their footprints. It is exciting to be able to view these fossils in their natural strata in the out-of-doors. It's as if the entire island's an open-air museum. We highly recommend fossil hunting as one of your activities when you visit us. Take home a special souvenir!"

【Recommended Cruise Course】
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  • Karasu-Toge Pass Observation Course
  • Fossil Road
  • Recommended Cruise Course

Marine Taxi Cruise

Hire a boat to cruise around the island of dinosaurs. Guided by the captain and with a little luck, you might spot the island's swimming wild pigs!

Goshoura Products Hall,
Shiosai-Kan TEL:0969-67-1234

Fossil CollectingE-6

Take part in fossil collecting at a site near the Goshoura Cretaceous Period Museum. Fossils of bivalve and spiral shell creatures are often found here. With a little luck, you may be able to find such rare fossils as ammonites which you can add to the museum collection.

Ammonite HouseE-6

A fossil ammonite Eupachydiscus as it was found in the earth . The fossil is 60 cm in diameter and is the largest ever found in Kyushu.

The Goshoura Cretaceous MuseumE-6

This museum was established when dinosaur fossils were discovered in Goshoura in July 2002. Among the thousand fossil displays you can see teeth of Japan's largest carnivorous dinosaurs, bones of herbivorous dinosaurs, and fossils of Japan's oldest large mammals. Within a five-minute walk from the museum are two fossil collection sites.