Islands and Dolphins

Enjoy the playful behavior of a pod of dolphins


Dolphins represent the diversity of life in the seas of Amakusa

In the beautiful blue waters off the shores of Tsuji-Shima Island near Itsuwa-machi live about 200 wild Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins.
Tidal currents and rolling seabeds are a fertile environment for an abundance of small fish, creating rich feeding grounds for the dolphins.
Dolphin herds also prevent sharks from entering this area, which, in turn, allows free diving - the method of choice for local fishermen.
Without the nets usually associated with fishing, dolphins and humans coexist in harmony among these Treasure Islands.

The Soothing Experience of Dolphin-Watching

The Soothing Experience of Dolphin-Watching

Local boatmen and guides have a thorough knowledge of both the sea and marine life, giving you a 98% chance of encountering a dolphin herd at any time of the year. The boat approaches so close to the dolphins, you almost feel as if you are right in the water with them.

Premium Dolphin-Watching with a Guide

Premium Dolphin-Watching with a Guide

A guided cruise among the beautiful islands of Amakusa with a special program featuring the ecosystems and dolphins of the area, makes for a precious and memorable experience for young and old. With a group of 15 or more, the boat will depart at a time you request (reservation required).
* Please note that any cruise may be cancelled due to weather conditions.

Amakusa Treasure Island Tourism Association
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Dolphin-Watching Inquiries and Reservations

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price ¥2,500 for junior-high students and older, ¥1,500 for elementary school students 500 for children age 2 yrs to elementary school
cruise approximately
1 hour
tel 0969-26-4500 (8:00~20:00)
5 Cruises/day: Departures
  1. 10:00
  2. 11:30
  3. 13:00
  4. 14:30
  5. 16:00
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